Iris Van Herpen Is Transforming Fashion at the High


The High Museum is one of those must-visit places in Atlanta. The city has so many great little art galleries to offer, and a killer burgeoning art scene, but for those big, have-to-see exhibits, residents and visitors head to the High.

My apartment, conversely, is slightly less of a must-see place close to the city that my beautiful friends flock to when we we’ve all had too much work, too much stress, too much everything, and need a girl’s day, complete with doughnuts and mimosas.

That’s why last week, my favorite ladies trekked over to my part of town to load up on champagne and OJ vital nutrients before heading downtown for an afternoon with Iris Van Herpen and her breathtaking Transforming Fashion exhibit at the High.

The museum was a most gorgeous and gracious host to the mind-boggling pieces, crafted out of materials like leather, wire, Swarovski crystal, even children’s umbrella tines. Van Herpen also utilized 3D printed transparent Photopolymer, sterolithography, and resin to construct a dress that looked like it was made from glass.

The dress below is made from oxidized metal gauze and leather to resemble curling, furling smoke, and it’s even more stunning in person.

Van Herpen’s pieces are at both turns architectural and organic, more like sculptures than something you’d ever consider draping on a human body. Despite that, each piece demonstrates a real sense of movement, some echoing air, others a splash of water.

Her surgical attention to detail, the haunting shapes and silhouettes — I was legitimately and emotionally moved by her work.

There’s also something to be said for her deft use of juxtaposition. Feminine and masculine, technical and artistic. I like seeing conflicting dichotomies like these pressed up against each other, forcing people to rethink what things are, and aren’t. And in that sense, Van Herpen killed it.

There’s a lot of pictures here, but there’s so much more to see, including the stunning Hapsburg Splendor exhibit — and you really should see it all in person. So wrap up and head out to the High this weekend. And don’t forget the mimosas.

Because everything that’s good, is usually better with champagne.

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